After you apply

What happens after I apply?

Can I withdraw my application?

What if my application expires?

What happens after I apply?

Keep an eye on your email inbox! If we need additional information, and when we have our final decision, we will reach out to you using the email address you used to apply (don't forget to check your spam filter!). 

If your account is ready to be activated, we’ll email the terms of service and bank account agreement to your new account to electronically sign. You must sign your agreement by the date stated in the email or your application will expire. Once we receive your signed agreement, your account will be activated, and you'll be able to access your dashboard using the same login credentials you used to create your Hatch account.

You can use your virtual business debit card while the physical card is in the mail. Once you activate the physical card, the virtual card will be automatically deactivated. Any transactions that were pending when the virtual card is deactivated will continue to be processed. You must activate your physical card within 60 days of it being sent to you or it will expire.

Can I withdraw my application?

If you don't wish to proceed with your application, it will automatically expire if you do not submit it.

If your application has already been approved and you do not wish to proceed, don't sign the Card Agreement and it will expire.

What if my application expires?

If you do not complete your application after 14 days of starting it, it will expire.

But don't worry! If your application expires, it doesn't prevent you from applying again.

Please note that if you are approved, but do not sign the agreement within 30 days (included in your approval email), your application will expire and you will have to apply again.

Approval is not guaranteed if you re-apply.

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